Purpose built creative teams

Assemble your dream team to collaborate on projects


Dovetail X is a platform for assembling creative and tech teams to collaborate with. Participate in projects or build dream teams, anywhere around the world or just up the road. 

Who's it for?



Some call you a freelancer, others call you a maverick. Just because you want to work for yourself doesn’t mean you want to work by yourself. Collaborating with others while staying independent is the holy grail.


If you're a studio/agency/collective, you know the value of collaboration. You also know projects come along that require diverse skills and experience. It’s not always possible to have all that talent on staff. 


What's in it for you?


You've got the power

  • Handpick your team. You know what you need, we’ll leave you to it.
  • Work on projects that take your fancy, and that’s that.
  • Bookmark cool people and groups for a rainy day.


Get it done

  • Post up a project and see who’s keen to collaborate.
  • Apply to work on projects with a click. No big applications, or race to the bottom on price.
  • Know someone perfect for a role? Recommend them. Goes both ways too, like that Karma thing.


Power up your collaboration

  • Collaborate with other ridiculously talented people.
  • Form temporary teams for a project or pitch.
  • Discover fresh talent, or a seasoned pro.

Beta tester invitation

Test pilots wanted

Safer than any drug trials you've done lately.

Let us know if you're interested and we'll keep you in the loop.