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Discover and assemble epic creative talent

Scale for projects. Create pop-studios. Dovetail X is the first open platform for creative and tech talent to team up.



Search, assemble, collaborate

Dovetail X is a platform for assembling creative and tech teams to collaborate on projects.

Start or join projects, build dream teams, anywhere in the world or just up the road. 


Zero agent fees.

You work hard for every dollar. Keep what you earn. Dovetail X does not take a cut. No recruiter contracts.

In fact, we get out of the way so great relationships can develop directly between talent and client.

The skinny on how it works


Handpick your team. Search for the skills, experience level and location to suit your project. On the flip side, find other projects ready and waiting for your talents.

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Show off what you're made of


Profiles tell you all the important stuff and nothing more. Simple as a Twitter profile, as beautiful as a gallery. Add other profiles to your bookmarks for a rainy day or invite them to collaborate.

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Assemble a project team on-the-fly


Projects are for laying out the scope and roles you'll need. Invite candidates to roles or let them apply. See a role your mate would be perfect for? Recommend them. Goes both ways too like that Karma thing.

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Tribe, squad, pod, pop-up Studio


Collaborate with ridiculously talented people to form Studio groups. Build your own pop-up agency, creative collective or tech tribe. This might be your core group of collaborators or your extended squad of talent waiting in the wings. Whichever way you use it, you'll be stronger united.

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Be as open or private as you want

Dovetail X is an open platform with full privacy controls. If you want a private profile, project or want to create private studios, no problem. Simply set your profile, project or studio to private. Shoulder tap just those you'd like to work with. In private mode, no one else needs to see what you're working on. Perfect for managing your private collection of freelancers or super secret project.

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