What's new

June 28, 2016

Oh, this is a big update. We redesigned the profile section, covering your about page, the portfolio, studios, and settings. 

  • New design for the about landing page, with full width banner image designed to impress
  • Updated and simplified the navigation tab menu
  • Access to edit your profile is now only from the top name menu under Me; it's just easier
  • Bunch of other refinements that improve on our first release, enjoy!

June 18, 2018

Update includes new features added to portfolios, and a new user on-boarding experience

  • Shuffle image and text blocks
  • Save and publish (and unpublish) options for portfolios
  • New on-boarding for first-time users with simple steps to setup
  • New user profiles automatically populate with cover images and avatar image
  • Various small fixes and improvements across the app

June 7, 2018

After an awesome effort from our product design and development team, especially in the last few months, we have pushed our first release live for some real-world testing.

  • Release full version with:
    • Profile and portfolio
    • Full search listing
    • Bookmark profiles
    • Apply for project roles
    • Join groups e.g. pop-up studios
    • Create private or public projects
    • Create and manage project roles
    • Post unlimited projects
    • Assemble project teams
    • Create private and public groups
    • Stripe card processing