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We'll have complete FAQ's sorted by the time we get this baby launched, so hang tight. Here's what we have so far:


Q. Who is Dovetail X aimed at?

Ourselves and anyone else like us. As designers ourselves we found it so hard to assemble on-the-fly project teams from amongst our personal networks. People get busy, so our pool of talent varied so much. We wanted a way to scale up to meet opportunities with a bigger talent network of our own, a way to win projects that might otherwise go to a bigger studio or agency. And having worked in bigger studios and agencies, we also know how hard it is to have all the skills in-house, so with Dovetail X, anyone can scale up for a project, anytime.

Q. I'm a freelancer, how does it help me?

Working for yourself is great. Working alone is not so good. Keep your independence while becoming part of a bigger network. Networks are where the good work is, getting referrals, being included in those cool projects. 

Q. When will Dovetail X launch?

A. We will have this baby off the ground real soon. Just a few more wing nuts to tighten.

Q. When can I get a look at Dovetail X?

A. Request early access. As soon as it spins up, you could be one of the first to use Dovetail X.

Q. What is the difference between plans on Dovetail X?

A. We have two plans available. The basic plan get's a you a whole lot of great features, like joining groups and project teams. On a paid plan you can create and manage your own groups, post projects and assemble your own teams. There are no long-term contracts, upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

Q. What will Dovetail X cost?

We'll announce pricing soon, but expect plans to start from $0.



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