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Q. Who is Dovetail X aimed at?

Ourselves and anyone else like us. As designers ourselves we found it so hard to assemble on-the-fly project teams from amongst our personal networks. People get busy, so our pool of talent varied so much. We wanted a way to scale up to meet opportunities with a bigger talent network of our own, a way to win projects that might otherwise go to a bigger studio or agency. And having worked in bigger studios and agencies, we also know how hard it is to have all the skills in-house, so with Dovetail X, anyone can scale up for a project, anytime.

Q. I'm a freelancer, how does it help me?

Working for yourself is great. Working alone is not so good. It's hard to scale up alone. Keep your independence while becoming part of a bigger network. Networks are where the good work is, getting referrals, being included in those cool projects. 

Q. I'm a studio manager, how does it help me?

You may have lots of freelancers, all over the place. Organize your freelancers in one place, keeping tabs on their availability. Assemble them into project teams when you need them. It's like having them in-house, without any of the extra overhead. 

Q. What is the difference between plans on Dovetail X?

A. We have three plans available. The basic plan is Starter X. It get's you a whole lot of great features, like joining teams, as well as your own profile and portfolio. The paid plans are Solo X and Studio X. These two plans allow you to create boards of talent and assemble your own teams, like pop-up studios. Studio X has unlimited boards and team. There are no long-term contracts. Upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

Q. What does Dovetail X cost?

A. Check out our pricing plan is here.

Q. How much commission does Dovetail X take on projects?

A. Zero percent. Zip. Nothing. We don't take any commission. You keep what you earn. We don't get in between you and the talent.

Q. If I find a freelancer on Dovetail X, can I offer that person a full-time job, like a permanent 9 to 5 thing?

A. Sure you can. There's no contract to buy out. But we hope you'll continue to use Dovetail X to build your freelance teams.

Q. If I run or join a project, how do I invoice or get paid?

A. Dovetail X does not handle invoicing or payments at this time. There are lots of great apps for invoicing. We may integrate some of these in the future.

Q. Does Dovetail X help me run my Project?

A. Dovetail X is here to help you get started with assembling talent. It's the essential step before Slack or any number of great project management tools. In the future we may integrate some of these project tools. We are developing a host of new features that will enable you to scale your team and your career.

Q. Where can I learn more about Dovetail X?

A. Check our about page

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How to use

Logging in

Q. How do I sign up or sign in?

A. There is a log in and sign-up button on our website menu, or go here:

Q. I can’t log in, there’s just a spinning loader

A. Refresh your browser, otherwise send us a support request with your browser version and device (e.g. Macbook).

Q. I forgot or lost my password, can I reset it?

A. You can reset your password at sign-in here:

Q. I reset my password, but did not get an email, what's up?

A. Reset passwords are sent to the email address you used to create the account. If the email address is wrong or you have since changed it, please contact us at Support.


Q. What goes in my profile?

A. Describe who you are what you do that so interesting. Make it conversational, like you were meeting someone for the first time, and they're really interested in what you do. And they if they are reading your profile, you can bet that are interested. Beyond the 'about' description, add a portfolio, describing your work process. People love to understand your role, your thinking behind the work. And it doesn't matter if you are not a visual designer, just write up your fav projects.

Q. My profile is not coming up in the search, what's with that?

A. You can set your Visibility in Profile Settings. To access your Profile Settings select from the top menu Me, then choose Profile, then select the Settings tab on the right. Scroll down to Visibility.  You can select whether you can be found or not in search by toggling  the options. When a Profile is public it can be searched for and viewed by all users. A Private Profile cannot be found in search, but anyone with a shared link to it can view it.

Q. Why can't I add more than five skills?

A. The skills listed are pretty broad, and one skill could cover several things, for example, Imaging Editing covers Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo, or Front-end Developer covers pretty much any code base. At this time we have limited the number of skills listed to your top five to make it easier to focus search. Pro tip: You can list more skills into your Profile text Short Description, which is searchable too. 

Q. Where can I add my location?

A. You can set your Location in Profile Settings. To access your Profile Settings select from the top menu Me, then choose Profile, then select the Settings tab on the right. Scroll down to Locations. You can set more than one location, but only one can be displayed as your primary location on your Profile. However, secondary locations will come up in search results, for example if your primary location is Seattle, but you also do some work in Toronto, you'll come in search results matching your skills available in Toronto. You can also set your preferred work location and how far you would be prepared to travel for a project.

Q. What's a @handle for and can I change it?

A. Handles are a unique identifier used in your profile browser URL address, for example, @simon-darby is used here: The handle can be changed in your Profile Settings tab. When you first setup your Settings is a good time to change the randomly assigned @handle to something personal (you may not want @happy-water). While you can change the @handle at anytime, just remember, if you change the @handle it changes your URL address, and if your previously shared your old URL address with someone, they will get a 'page not found' error. You can still be found in search, and changing the @handle will not effect your account. 

Q. Can I add my website portfolio link or Twitter link to my Profile?

A. Yes, you can add any web address. For Twitter, you need to add the URL link, not the handle, for example this works:

Q. Where do add my rates?

A. You can add your rates within your profile description. It's up to you. State your hourly rate or that you can estimate the project cost based on the brief. Remember, Dovetail X does not take a cut of your project fee.


Q. How do I create a Team?

A. Teams can be created by users on the Solo X or Studio X plan. You can upgrade from the top menu Me, then choose Account/Upgrade. Select from the top menu Me, then choose Team. Then select Add new. Your Team page will display any Teams you've created, as well as any Teams you are a member of. Team owners can invite any user to join their Team.

Q. How do I invite someone to join my Team?

A. Search for someone with the skills you need in your Team. Go to their Profile. Select the Invite option under the More button (icon with three vertical dots). Any Team you have will be displayed. Select the Team you would like to invite this user to. An invitation  to join message will be sent to the user. Note that if your Team is set to Public (rather than Private) other users can search and apply to join. Change the visibility of your Team in your Team Profile Settings tab.

Accounts and Upgrades

Q. How do I upgrade?

A. You can upgrade from the top menu by selecting Me, then choose Account/Upgrade. If you upgrade from Solo X to Studio X, any previous payment will be prorated (meaning it will be offset against the new pricing plan).

Q. How do I downgrade?

A. You can downgrade from the top menu by selecting Me, then choose Account/Upgrade. Choose the new plan, then click the Downgrade button (bottom right). The downgrade will take effect on the next billing cycle, so for example if your Studio X plan is paid up for the next two weeks, your plan will downgrade to Solo X in two weeks. When users downgrade, some features will become unavailable. Upgrading again will reactivate the features.

Q. I have a voucher code, how do I use it?

A. You can apply a voucher code in Account. From the top menu by selecting Me, then choose Account/Upgrade. There is an input for a voucher code on the lower left. Only one code can be applied at a time. Some voucher codes may have date limit or a limit on the number of times it can be used.

Q. Do you give a discount to educators and social good organizations?

A. Contact us with your request.

Close Account

Q. How do I close my account?

A. Not that you'd ever want to leave us, but here is how. From the top menu, select Me, then choose Account/Upgrade. Then select the tab Manage. Scroll down to Close Account. You'll be asked to confirm this action. Once your account is closed, all your data is deleted to meet our Privacy PolicyThis delete data process cannot be undone. Note, even though you closed your account, you can immediately create a new account.

Data Privacy

Q. Do you have a privacy policy?

A. We sure do. It's here.