Welcome to Dovetail X – Preview edition

A big thank you up front. You are amongst a very select few first users.

We are still taking the rough edges off our app, but jump in and give us your feedback.

Before you start, here's a few things you'll encounter

  1. You will be asked to sign-up. It's free, no payment required.
  2. Next, you will be dropped into your rather empty Profile. You'll want to personalize it. You absolutely should go to Profile Settings and add your skills, set your availability and location.
  3. Upgrade free to Studio X using the coupon voucher you were given. If you don't have a free upgrade coupon, hit us up for one. Go to Account (under the Me icon, top menu bar) and upgrade to Studio X.
  4. Next, create your own Studio and invite others to join, as well as post unlimited projects.
  5. And finally, give us your feedback here, in-app chat or email.

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Studio X features

  • Profile and portfolio
  • Full search listing
  • Bookmark profiles
  • Apply for project roles
  • Join studio groups
  • 0% agent commission
  • Create private or public studios
  • Create private or public projects
  • Create/manage project roles
  • Post unlimited projects
  • Assemble project teams