Invite collaborators to join you on Dovetail X

Here's what happens when a member is invited by you:

  1. An individual invitation is sent to your member with a link to join Dovetail X. It's free. No payment required. For your reference, the invite email is shown below this form.

  2. Dovetail X gets the welcome mat out with a personalised message to say hi.

Invitations will be sent within two hours of submission.

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Invitation Message

Text content of the email invitation that will be sent to your list of invited members:

Hi there,

You've been invited by Invited by to join Dovetail X. 
[Your name] says "[your message]."

Dovetail X is a platform to discover and assemble creative, tech and marketing talent into teams for projects.

Click here to join Dovetail X and connect with Invited by, plus lots of other awesome collaborators. They'll be able to shoulder tap you for projects and see what you've been working on.

If you've got questions, check out the Dovetail X FAQ page or hit reply to this email.


Kate Darby,
Founder, Dovetail X