Freelancers: Connect and collaborate

Create a slick profile that shows off what you're all about, how much capacity you have available and get on the books of top agencies.

Get discovered for projects with no commissions or race-to-the-bottom.

Oh yeah, did we mention it’s free?



Create boards to organize by projects, skills, whatever you like.

1. Add new talent with one click

2. Direct message and refer talent

3. Build your own talent network




Profiles with key details like skills, availability and portfolios in one place. Keep track of your own notes on each profile so you’re always clued-up.

Simple, useful features:

1. One click to save to a board

2. Private notes, direct messaging and chat

3. Availability



Starter X is ideal for moonlighters. Solo X is for freelancers. Studio X is for studios and small agencies. Agency X is for mid-size to large agency groups managing freelancers.

Features Starter X Solo X Studio X Agency X
Personal profile and portfolio
Boards to pin favorite talent and track availability 1 board 5 boards Unlimited Unlimited
Join teams for bigger and better projects
Personal contacts list
Private messaging and personal notes
Assemble a project team to scale for projects 2 teams Unlimited Unlimited
Import lists of freelancers to your private boards
Build global talent networks
Shared agency network boards
Simple onboarding for agency staff
Centralized account admin