We'll have complete FAQ's sorted by the time we get this baby launched, so hang tight. Here's what we have so far:


Q. What does Dovetail X do?

A. Assemble or join skilled teams to collaborate on creative and tech projects anywhere, anytime with Dovetail X. Our platform comes with a nice set of simple tools to search for people or projects, create a project with specific roles, and assemble your team. You can also build your own personal network groups. Use groups to create your own pop-up agency or design studio. Create as many groups as you like.

Q. Who is Dovetail X aimed at?

A. Creative and tech people. Dovetail X is for freelancers, independents, small and large design studios, in-house design teams, project managers, anyone that wants to start or join a project, anyone who wants to start or join a pop-up team.

Q. I'm a freelancer, how does it help me?

A. Working for yourself is great. Working alone is not so good. Keep your independence while becoming part of a bigger network. Networks are where the good work is, getting referrals, being included in those cool projects. 

Q. Does Dovetail X take a commission fee on projects?

A. No. We don't clip the ticket or take a commission fee on your hard work. We do however let you post your projects and assemble a team. You can post as many projects as you like, or apply to join a project. It's free to join a project or group. To create a project or group, you will need to use our paid plan, a small flat monthly fee (see question below, 'What will Dovetail X cost?').

Q. What is the difference between plans on Dovetail X?

A. We have two plans available. The basic plan get's a you a whole lot of great features, like joining groups and project teams. On a paid plan you can create and manage your own groups, post projects and assemble your own teams. There are no long-term contracts, upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

Q. Are social good projects supported on Dovetail X?

Yes. Dovetail X has an option to list your project as a paid project or a pro-bono project. We believe people should be paid for their work, but sometimes people like to 'give back' and pro-bono is one option. Pro-bono is intended for social good, and we will not tolerate commercial projects being touted as pro-bono (you'll find that in our terms and conditions).

Q. What will Dovetail X cost?

A. We'll announce pricing soon, but expect plans to start from $0. The paid plan will be way less than a nice glass of wine.

Q. What is Dovetail X built on?

A. Ah, a tech question. We've built Dovetail X with Angular Material and housed the platform on AWS.

Q. When will Dovetail X launch?

A. We will have this baby off the ground real soon. Just a few more wing nuts to tighten.

Q. When can I get a look at Dovetail X?

A. Request early access. As soon as it spins up, you could be one of the first to use Dovetail X.