About us

Dovetail X is the first open platform for assembling freelance creative and tech teams.

This original SaaS platform enables users to participate in projects and build dream teams on-the-fly, anywhere, anytime.

The freelance economy is growing exponentially across many key sectors, particularly the creative industry. As designers ourselves, we have experienced the problem many design-based organizations have in assembling skilled teams on demand. Being able to scale on-the-fly is essential to be competitive. Dovetail X is a response to this growing problem, enabling rapid skill scaling without the overhead.

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Meet the co-founders

Kate Darby, designer and co-founder

Kate Darby, designer and co-founder

Kate Darby

Despite having minimal years on the clock, Kate managed to start her “career” in the creative industry early (most notably destroying wallpaper with crayons at age three). Her parents' own creative studio became a photoshop playground for her as she started her first freelancing business making Bebo skins (yes, you heard right) for her mates in exchange for snacks. Not much has changed since then, except she managed to work with big shot clients at Resn, get herself a first class honours degree in design, conceive and design Dovetail v1, and complete social enterprise accelerator program, Live the Dream. When Kate’s not designing stuff or trying to figure out why she broke her code (again), she can be found brunching, watching TED talks, or taking advantage of our beautiful backyard here in New Zealand. Kate is also the local The Design Kids City Host, a global design community 100,000 bridging the gap between students and industry. Kate is also the author of Moonlighting 101, available here to download free.

Simon Darby, designer and co-founder

Simon Darby, designer and co-founder

Simon Darby

Co-founder Simon is a designer, and also Kate's dad. Simon's origins are in advertising as an art director, illustrator and animator. He has worked across all levels of the creative industry in consumer and corporate accounts, from freelancer to global agency networks including BBDO, Ogilvy, Bates, Saatchi, Grey. Simon went on to work with in-house corporate studios to tech startups in Canada, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. Simon was Senior Regional Producer for Philips (owner of PolyGram and Philips Media) covering Asia Pacific, managing product development in China, Japan and Korea. Before founding his own international design practice, Simon was Vice President of Salter Street New Media in Canada, developing consumer entertainment and marketplaces. Simon and Kate have worked together as a design team since Kate could hold a pencil.